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  • China Floor and decoration manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-12
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  • China How many tile grouts are there in the market? manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-10
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  • China The failure case that grouts oneself manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-09
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  • China Happy Mother’s Day manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-09
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  • China Help you know the difference between tile grout and joints filler manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-08
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  • China The details of tile grout, let the home more warm! manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-06
    Home is our stable residence, every detail of the home can be integrated into our smallest life. At present, for the entire decoration industry, tile grout has become an important decoration link. The main function of tile grout products is to fill and...Read More>>
  • China Mystery new product, coming online soon manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-22
    Edge sealing products on the market are diverse, and edge sealing glue is the most popular one. Kerin tile grout sealer factory also has MS super glue, which is colorful, antibacterial and mildew proof, it is welcomed by the majority of consumers. ...Read More>>
  • China Before and after the tile grout needing attention manufacturer
    Release on2021-05-08
    Ceramic tile gap is wet or under the circumstances of the construction environment is absolutely cannot do the tile grout, otherwise it will cause a lot of effects and even rework. The following Kelin epoxy tile grout manufacturer will take you to un...Read More>>
  • China How to clean the tile joint? manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-20
    Before grouting, the most important work is to clean up the joint, if you do not do well, the impact on the back of the tile grout is great. It takes time and experience to clear the joints. Everything is difficult at the beginning. Today, let Kelin epoxy...Read More>>
  • China Why need tile grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-19
    Tile grout has become an essential part of the decoration, but many people still do it just following the trend. They don't know what role tile grout has and what benefits it can bring to us. Now Kelin epoxy tile grout manufacturer will tell you ...Read More>>
  • China The disadvantages of construction yourself manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-17
    The common gap filling material is white cement and pointing agent, but for the area that often meets water, it will be easy to black, mold, fall off and become warped. The appearance of tile grout has changed many problems. But the tile grout has a lot o...Read More>>
  • China Some reasons you need grout in summer! manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-16
    Summer scorching sun, anytime and anywhere sweating, detoxification. Although we don't like this kind of weather, there is one kind of creature in particular that does, and the hotter and wetter it gets, the more it grows. If you think it do...Read More>>
  • China Kelin Tile Grout Investment Started! manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-15
    In the era of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, there are so many entrepreneurship opportunities that many people want to start their own business and dream of being their own boss. However, the road of entrepreneurship is full of thorns and risks, in...Read More>>
  • China Professional tilers teach you how to grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-14
    As we all know, ceramic tiles are reserved joints, because the cement mortar paste ceramic tiles and ceramic tiles themselves have the problem of thermal expansion and cold contraction, if not leave the joint, in the late stage is easy to appear the probl...Read More>>
  • China Tell you the standard of buying tile grout products! manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-13
    What are the tile grout products? Tile grout products are home gap beautification experts, dedicated to solve the filling and beautification of ceramic tiles, stone, and other gaps, it is our responsibility making each gap beautiful! How to judge whether ...Read More>>
  • China When life meets tile grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-12
    Left hurriedly in the morning and came back when all the lights were on. This side of the hut is called "home" place. Life is never the same, and a little thought can make your home warm and happy. With a soft and warm wool for a good drea...Read More>>
  • China Also can do at home manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-11
    Spring, the beginning of a year. Due to COVID-19, making the decoration season be greatly affected. But no need to be afraid, we can try to start work ourselves, bringing a small change to our home. First of all, start from that small gap! The following K...Read More>>
  • China Talk about the magic power of tile grout product you don't know! manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-10
    Entering the home, the most intuitive is a small ceramic tile joint, we cannot help thinking: what kind of magic power does the tile grout contained bringing us so much good protection? Today Kelin ceramic tile grout maker is here talking t...Read More>>
  • China How to distinguish between depression and collapse after the construction of the tile grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-09
    At present, ceramic tile grout is still an emerging product, and many people do not know much about it. So some owners found that the effect of the grout was not flush with the tile after the completion of the application, and they thought that the tilers...Read More>>
  • China Formulation and advantages of tile grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-04-08
    Tile grout is mainly made of high-tech polymer and high-end color powder, belonging to paste liquid. It is different from the traditional white cement and colorful sewing agent. It is an upgraded product. You only need glue on the tile joints, no need to ...Read More>>