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The Brands of Kelin Polyurea Tile Grout Production Description 1. This product is made of high quality environmental protection polyaspartic acid ester resin, thickener and pigment. Products can be used in ceramic tile, mosaic, stone, glass and other joints. The surface of the cured product, smooth as porcelain, is permanently waterproof, mildew-proof and easy to scrub. The product also has permanent wear resistance, moisture resistance, weather ability. This product completely solves the problems of the ceramic tile joints like yellowing, easy to dirty and black, easy to breed bacteria. 2. This product has great varieties of color, smooth in texture, compact and flexible, not discolored, not brittle. The products use imported brand raw materials for production. Products are environmental protection, non-toxic, no halogen, no heavy metal, no benzene, no phenols, no formaldehyde, no harmful gas. Therefore, the product is a modern decoration as the first choice of a high-tech indoor and outdoor ceramic tile grout. Application Method and Attentions 1. Before the construction, the dirt, water and loose layer should be thoroughly cleared from the tile surface and joints. Please polish some ceramic tile wax on both sides of the tile joints, but not in it. 2. Examine the lip of the bottle, make sure it's not clogged. Then loading it on the glue gun and screw on the mix-nozzle. Squeeze out the unevenly mixed tile grout which in the front of mix-nozzle. 3. Finish pressing the joints within 20 minutes, remove the excess sealant with a blade scraper after 2-6 hours. 4. The Lowest construction temperature is -40℃. Please warm the products with a hot air gun in 60 ℃ for 10 minutes before construction, so it can flows well. Do NOT soak the product in hot water directly. 5. If you interrupt construction more than 15 minutes. When you keep going or use it next time, please change the mix-nozzle. Because the tile grout starts curing. 6. Please use up in 1 week after unpacking and sealed storage. 7. Storage: 8 months shelf life stored in a cool and dry area in 0-37℃. 8. Keep the product away from the children even during construction. Note: The product color and the effect take the spot construction as standard. Disclaimer: The Company is not responsible for any loss caused by improper construction, substrate, construction environment and other reasons when the product is used beyond the control of the manufacturer.

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