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Chinese Interpretation of LOGO:


"Kelin",  as the foundation deformation, intuitive and clear, easy to identify.

The character "Kelin" resembles the shape of a house, the red door that opens slightly below implies to walk into thousands of families, also have Chinese traditional festival culture at the same time "a good start" blessing.




English Interpretation of LOGO:


"Core" is translated into Chinese as "core", which means "discard the dross and take the essence".

Including the meaning that Kelin only does high-quality goods of the firm determination, and each letter represents a spirit of enterprise.





People will pay more attention to the detail feeling of living space with living standards improving continually. Changing from the solution of living demand to the quality of living, that is exactly what the location and direction to Cross. Whether high-end hotels, or villas and other decoration design and construction, consumers’ choice to the style and effect strive to be perfect, and want to be able to reflect the high-end and quality characteristics, in order to reflect master’s grade and status of life. And we are a China high-quality sewing agent supplier. "Cross high-end tile grout" products start with details, creating classics and making up every minute of wonderful moment.




The BEST Tile Grout is a well-known brand of Kelin New Materials, which is jointly developed with professional institutions in Australia.With excellent and stable technical performance, the BEST Tile Grout can provide you with all-dimensional solutions of tile grout, colorful epoxy tile grout, etc. to meet the requirements of different architectural decoration styles and color matching. The most important is that we are a China environmental tile grout manufacturer. There is no need to send the products directly from stock, we can customize, label or meet other personalized requirements according to you. Self-owned factories take the way of one-stop service from R & D, design, production, sales, logistics, after-sales, letting  you have the source price and more profit space.Looking forward to working with you to create a new life of environmentally friendly furniture, and win the market!