• China The key to a exquisite life manufacturer
    Release on2021-02-06
    Home is a place full of love and warmth, home decoration details can foil people's delicate life. With the fast pace of life, there is less and less time to think and enjoy life. Most people live a company, home, road three line life, although tired, ...Read More>>
  • China The prevention of COVID - 19 manufacturer
    Release on2021-01-30
    Novel coronavirus has brought serious impact on people's health and world's economic development. The strategy of calm response, decisive decision and scientific disposal is the key condition to ensure the success of epidemic prevention and contro...Read More>>
  • China Kelin tile grout, home decoration’s punchline manufacturer
    Release on2021-01-28
    In the living decoration, no matter what kind of decoration cannot leave ceramic tile. As we all know, with time going by,  ceramic tile gap will become black and dirty, especially the toilet this kind of place that did not do dry and wet separation,...Read More>>
  • China How to become a professional tiler manufacturer
    Release on2021-01-27
    Since the development of the tile grout industry, the demand for tilers is also more and more, many people think that tile grout construction hardly has the requirement and the operation is simple. With the competition in the tile grout industry...Read More>>
  • China The prospect of the tile grout manufacturer
    Release on2021-01-25
    With the expansion of the tile grout industry, people cannot help asking: "whether the tile grout can make money, is it worth investing?" The answer, of course, is yes. So what do we need to do? First of all, choosing a good product is the ke...Read More>>
  • China Kelin tile grout, you deserve it manufacturer
    Release on2020-12-31
    Nowadays, domestic tile grout brands are increasing day by day, and many non-professional manufacturers of tile grout also start to produce tile grout. What brand of tile grout is worthy to trust? How to increase brand awareness? Base on the quality of...Read More>>
  • China Here comes our group building activity! manufacturer
    Release on2020-11-30
    On November 27th, China tile grout supplier-Kelin family ushered in a joyful group building activity! Each time, we have more opportunities to get to know each colleague around us. We also hope that each team building can leave our ...Read More>>
  • China Here comes the point about Kelin! manufacturer
    Release on2020-11-18
    Kelin tile grout It is a leading one-stop professional sewing service platform in China. It belongs to Shenyang Kelin New Material Co., LTD., the first brand of Kelin tile grout products. Kelin tile grout aims to create a fashionable and environmentally f...Read More>>
  • China Double 11, A big hit! manufacturer
    Release on2020-11-12
    During the double 11, while welcoming the new owners, a large-scale "Kelin group purchase meeting for Evergrande owners" was held in the sales center of the park. The products are directly supplied by the manufacturers, free home measurement, co...Read More>>
  • China All Eyes On You, All Things On Display manufacturer
    Release on2020-10-26
    Golden autumn, slightly cold. In this season of harvest, the Kelin Tmall flagship store  has officially launched. So far, under the continuous efforts of the company's leaders and employees, our Alibaba, Tmall, Jingdong and other maj...Read More>>