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How many tile grouts are there in the market?

How many tile grouts are there in the market?

2021-05-10 10:47:53

Tile grouts are always common products in the decoration industry. In recent years, as people’s increasing demand for decoration products, joints filler products have been gradually upgraded. Then Kelin China sealant fo ceramic supplier will tell you how many tile grouts are there in the market .

1. White cement-based joints filler

This is the most commonly used, the most traditional, and the cheapest, but also has the greatest weakness. In general, the gap will turn black in two or three months, which looks very ugly.



2. Single-component waterborne tile grout

In recent years, single-component waterborne tile grout has developed rapidly and is widely used. Rich in color, it is easy to operate, and has the advantage of longer time of not changing black than white cement. The disadvantage is that it shrinks and collapses significantly after curing, re-forms gaps, is easy to hide dirt, too soft, and difficult to wipe, and has poor stain resistance. Before construction, it is necessary to fill a small amount of joints filler in the gap, and then on the upper layer stuff the gap with the single component.




3. Waterborne epoxy tile adhesive

The advantages are that it does not collapse, the surface is hard, and the color is rich. The disadvantage is that the tile adhesive needs mixing and stirring in a certain proportion, which makes operation complex. And therefore, in order to make the construction easy, the tiler will mix the materials first and then fill it into the rubber cylinder. Waterborne epoxy tile adhesive is widely used to fill in the gaps of antique ceramic tiles, and tiles of frequent trampling and floor heating.



4. Multi-component tile grout

Rich in color, and high in hardness, multi-component tile grout is mainly produced by some foreign manufacturers, does not collapse or shrink, and also it doesn’t easily tend to turn black. The disadvantage is that the surface is rough, which will turn black in a long time. Besides the operation is also very complicated, and the price is very high. It can only be used for wide gaps of more than 3mm, but not for walls because of its sagging.

5. A new generation of two-component epoxy tile grout 

It solves the shortcomings of all the above products and combines all the advantages. Currently it is the most popular tile grout in the market. However, to guarantee the construction effect, make sure the environment is dry and clean when constructing.



6. Polyurea tile grout

Polyurea tile grout is a high-tech product with more stable performance, strong UV resistance and moisture resistance. However, the price is relatively high, and there are some high demands for construction techniques.



Waterproof and mildew resistant, Kelin’s two-component epoxy tile grout is safe and environmentally friendly, does not shrink or collapse, as well as has strong stain resistance, and is easy to operate. Do not hesitate to contact us!