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Why did the tile grout color changed ?

Some house owner find that the tile grout color changed when it just has been done a short time, yellowing and fading. Why? Let's hear how a professional construction building glue manufacturer to say!

1. What you bought is probably a sewing agent, Some evil businessmen under the guise of the tile grout, selling inferior products, but earn the money of the tile grout. So be sure to choose the formal manufacturer.

2. The base surface is not completely dry before or during construction. The main raw materials of the two-component tile grout are epoxy resin, curing agent and pigment. Epoxy resins have no color by themselves, but if they are exposed to moisture before or during construction, a chemical reaction will occur, causing the color to change. This is also the reason why it is important to keep dry during construction. 



3. The cracks are not thoroughly cleaned before construction, leaving dust or grease. The dust and grease on the surface will hinder the adhesion between the tile grout and the ceramic tile. After curing, it will be easy to fall off by the dust or grease band. It is suggested that after cleaning the dust on the surface of ceramic tile, it should be thoroughly sucked away with a vacuum cleaner, so as not to affect the effect of the use of the tile grout.



4.Fill up during construction. It’s better to invite professional construction team for the construction of the tile grout. In order to benefit, many grouting workers reduce the material , and did not "fill" in accordance with the construction specification during the construction process. The filling up is not 100% filling the gap, but keeping at least 2/3 of the gap filled. But a lot of workers fills only 1/3 even less, after curing process, the bonding area with ceramic tile is too small, because the ground can produce vibration in use, trampled, fell off very easily when the force is big.



5. Strong sunshine, two-component tile grout is usually divided into porcelain tile grout and epoxy tile grout series. The color sources of the two kinds are different. The porcelain tile grout is from toner, while the epoxy tile grout is from natural calcined sand. When it is exposed to strong light, it will cause slight discoloration, just like our common plastics and printed products. This is caused by the chemical nature of the raw materials themselves. And there are a lot of manufacturers and brands for toner. A good toner will naturally has a higher color fastness. And inferior color powder, easy to fade, change color. The color of epoxy colored sand comes from natural calcined sand. The sand is baked at 500℃, then got the color, it has better color fastness and UV resistance, and is not easy to change color or fade.




Normally, the high quality tile grout is not easy to fade or change color, we can use it with no problem. But I suggest you should pay attention to the following points:

1). According to different construction locations, sunshine and use scenes, choose the right type of tile grout .

2). Select the product from professional manufacturers and construction team. It will be no worries.

Keep indoor and ceramic tile gaps clean and dry during construction.



Kelin produces the tile grout, uses the import German Merck toner, the natural calcining sand was used to waterborne epoxy adhesive. With the best quality raw materials to ensure the excellent performance of products, make your home life colorful.