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White tiles with grey grout

Kelin tile grout sealer manufacturer has produced tile grout with varieties of colors, which can be done with one tile matched one color. At this time, there are some people choose with difficulty, they don’t what color matched with home ceramic tile. Today we will recommened a classic all-match color collocation.

White ceramic tile has always been popular, it is the first choice for many family who like simple style due to it is concise and easy and looks clean and tidy. But the disadvantages of white ceramic tile is not to bear or endure dirty, especially the gap in dirty is particularly obvious, seriously affect the overall effect, so you can choose to use basic caulking products to beautify. So what color of tile grout to choose the better effect?



If white ceramic tile with white grout will look like monotonous, ordinary. Recommending everybody to suit the collocation of  simple style here. White ceramic tile with gray grout, this collocation can make the overall decorative effect to enhance a level, simple and advanced, but also reflect a somewhat cold feeling, especially suitable for the pursuit of minimalist effect of partners.



White ceramic tile can dress up the whole home space, the use of light gray grout for modification, making the wall, the ground as a whole more natural and complete. Also let the aperture between ceramic tile at the same time be able to handle, convenient in the future clean and clean. Have you learned this kind of simple and elegant collocation?