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What are the grouting tools

There are many kinds of grouting tools, many people do not know how to use, following is taking you to learn about the name and function of each tool.

1. glue gun

The most important tool for two-component tile grout is the glue gun, usually being divided into two types, manual glue gun and electric glue gun. Compared with manual glue gun, electric glue gun is more uniform, and saves time and effort, and has a longer service life.



2. Gaps pressing tool

It is necessary to use the pressing tool to press the glue after grouting. It is usually made of steel ball, tungsten steel press tool, ABS press tool, various materials such as press plate. Flatten the tile grout in the gap and completely separate it from the edge of the tile. This can make the tile grout surface smooth, and also make the gaps cleaning become simple, easy.



3. Gaps cleaning tool

Before grouting, the excess sewing agent, cement, sand, soil, dust and so on should be cleaned up. The gaps cleaning tool is specially designed to clean the gap with high hardness and can effectively remove stubborn garbage.



4. Scraper knife

After making glue, if there is no stick the textured paper, then need to wait for the tile grout surface drying, and then shovel the residual material on both sides of tile gaps away with a knife.



5. Yin Angle and Yang Angle pressing tools

The Yin Angle and Yang Angle pressing tools are specially designed for the construction of Yin and Yang angles. Due to the particularity of the location, the steel ball or plate cannot be used for the construction of the location.



6. Rubber scraper

When grouting with Colorful waterborne epoxy adhesive, you need to use a rubber scraper to scrape, putting the colorful waterborne epoxy adhesive fully scrape into the ceramic tile gap.



7. Towel

During the construction of colorful waterborne epoxy adhesive, the material should be scraped into the gap with a scraper. After scraping the gap, the material should be wiped with water with a towel.



Above is the main tool needed in grouting, is it very convenient and practical, click collection. To learn more about tile grout, please contact us - Kelin China sewing agent supplier.