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waterborne epoxy adhesive advantages and defects

Home decoration, people wanting to use waterborne epoxy adhesive need pay attention, following take you to learn about it.

Waterborne epoxy adhesive advantages

1. Waterborne epoxy adhesive is added with quartz sand in epoxy resin, which is more hard, durable and waterproof.

2. Waterborne epoxy adhesive is directly applied and pressed to fill the joints, making tile and joints flat, convenient for cleaning later.

3. The UV resistance is higher, the waterborne epoxy adhesive has high density and strong hardness, color from calcining sand making color longer, better anti-UV effect, not easy to yellow or discolor.



4. Waterborne epoxy adhesive is added with natural calcining sand, presenting a matte effect and a rough frosted feeling. It is more suitable for rustic tile and wood-grain tile, and looks low-key.

5. Strong adhesion, can be firmly stuck in the middle of the ceramic tile without affecting the thermal expansion and contraction of ceramic tile, but also can stand the test of time, wear-resistant and scratch-proof.

6. Material saving, due to it uses blade coating, the material is basically directly filled into the joints of ceramic tile. Although some surface products are cleaned off when cleaning and polishing, most of them are retained. Compared with two tube tile grout, it can save more raw material.



Waterborne epoxy adhesive defects

1. Construction time:

Waterborne epoxy adhesive needs to complete the construction within the specified time, or else after curing can no longer be used, mixing time, light time, scraping pressure flatness, etc., need to accept professional training, repeated practice. If you can't finish in time, it's better to mix less to avoid waste.



2. About price:

Waterborne epoxy adhesive is difficult to construction, which tests the skills of tilers, so the cost of waterborne epoxy adhesive is much more expensive than other kind tile grout.

3. Scrub is difficult:

Waterborne epoxy adhesive is divided into oil and water. Oil epoxy adhesive is difficult to clean, need to scrub many times to clean, be sure to change water more, And waterborne epoxy adhesive is easy to clean and you don't have to worry about it.

All above is about the advantages and defects of waterborne epoxy adhesive. The waterborne epoxy adhesive produced by Kelin tile grout sealer manufacturer is healthy and environmentally friendly. The colorful sand calcining at high temperature makes the color more natural, textured and will not fade. For more details, please contact us.