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Tips for washing off tile grout

During the construction of tile grout, it is inevitable that it will stick to the ground, clothes or skin, so how to deal with it? Kelin ceramic sealant manufacturer for you to summarize it.

1. If it is oily tile grout, rub on the smooth ceramic tile on the ground, after the surface of the tile grout is dry , gently lift it up with a blade, the same as the clear edge. Will be easy to tear off the tile grout. If it is rubbed to the floor or not smooth ground, before curing, quickly wipe off the dirty parts with a dry cloth or newspaper, remember it must be dry, because the oily tile grout is insoluble in water, if use wet things to wipe, it will be more dirty. Spray some alcohol liquid on the residual part, because they have a strong dissolving effect, let it stand for a while and then wipe it with a dry cloth. Repeat many times to remove extra part.



2. If it is stained on the clothes, you should immediately use a piece of paper to scrape out tile grout,then rub it repeatedly with warm soap water. Although the clothes have been washed clean, this part of your clothes should fade or leave marks.



3. If it sticks to the skin, you can rub it on your hands with sponge and wax, repeatedly rub it, and then clean it with soap, hand sanitizer and other cleaning products for many times, and then scrub it with salt for many times. After drying, the remaining tile grout will slowly peel off, don't worry.



4. If tile grout has solidified, you need to prepare some professional tools close to the tile grout with hot air, such as a hot fan, knife and other cleaning tools. and then cut along the edge of the tile grout with a cutting tool. In fact, it is very convenient. Even if you accidentally get it on the wall or furniture, you can use this method to clean it slowly, and be careful not to scratch or damage the surface.

These are some tips to clean up tile grout, have you learned it?