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The tile is not paved, can it grout?

Whether it is new house decoration or old house renovation more or less there will be some problems, if finding in time to remedy will not cause too much impact. Now many people will choose to grout, inevitably some people are curious, if the tile is not paved, can it grout? Of course you can. The following Kelin grout booster manufacturer can take you to learn about it.



Waterborne epoxy tile grout is a kind of grout product in barrel, its environmental performance is very superior. Epoxy tile grout contains a large amount of natural calcined sand, so the grouting effect is matte with a rough surface and soft color. It is suitable for tie-in surface texture strong ceramic tile, such as mosaic, archaic brick . If the tile post is not neat, the level is not consistent. The construction is difficult, and the leveling process after joint filling is difficult to carry out. That is to say, if there is a collapse or a low place, the color sand will be more, and the high part will be less. It will look more pronounced after curing.



If you encounter such a phenomenon, what should you do? This is suitable for the construction of double tube tile grout. Because the two-component tile grout is through the pressing tool, along the ceramic tile joints. The horizontal plane construction requirement to ceramic tile is lower. In this way, it can perfectly solve the problem caused by the construction of epoxy colored sand. The two-component tile grout of Kelin tile grout factory is also divided into bright, matte and semi-matte colors, which can meet your requirements for different tile texture. Come and have a learn.