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The tile grout has solved the problem that troubled the owner for many years

What to do if tile joint turn black after long time? What to do if caulking agent fallen off and ceramic tile get moldy? These are the problems that have plagued homeowners for years. The emergence of tile grout suggests that these problems will be solved. Here kelin China waterproof tile grout factory will let you learn about it.

As it is known, you need to leave seams when tiling, this is to prevent ceramic tile to be squeezed with the change of temperature expansion and contraction, otherwise it will effect the integral aesthetic of ceramic tile. So when decorating, you have to leave seam. But, tile gap is easy to enter dirt after long time. Tile cleaning is difficulty. As time passes, gap will also turn black and dirty, even get moldy. At that time people began to use caulking agent for filling, but the life time of caulking agent is short, there will be falling off cracked ect. So they didn't solve the problem at the root.



The appearance of tile grout solved these problems for people, so some people will worry about that ceramic tile will be raised. After filling with tile grout. Although it feels very hard after curing, but it has great stickiness and buffering. Ceramic tile will be changed with temperature changed, so will tile grout. So there will be no problem of ceramic tile raised.



In addition, the life time of tile grout is longer, won't be falling off and cracked after long time, color is rich, do not fade, can match all kinds of ceramic tile, to be great final effect. And the tile grout has more advantages than caulking agent, it can prevent dust and oil infiltration into the brick joints, also prevent the breeding of bacteria. Especially for use for bathroom and kitchen, it has a strong practical and easy to clean.



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