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The tile grout details that cannot be ignored

Although grouting is a relatively simple work in the process of decoration, the owner can even do it himself, but there are still a lot of attention, especially the following details, if you do not pay attention, the tile more than ten thousand will be destroyed. Old master said to see the workers, please immediately stop the construction, even if at that time did not see what the problem but will let people regret after check-in.

1. Cleaning up
Many unprofessional tilers often ignore cleaning before construction. They think it is no problem if the newly laid tiles don't look too dirty, and they don't take it seriously when cleaning. However, there will be some dust and even some water stains on the newly laid tiles. If it is not cleaned, it will certainly affect the effect of construction, and even cause the falling off of tile grout.



2. Grooming
Before construction, general tiler can daub wax of a few ceramic tiles on both sides of the aperture of ceramic tile or masking tape. This work is to facilitate the later cleaning of excess sealant. Especially for the matte ceramic tile, its surface is not smooth. If this step is ignored, it is not only more difficult to clean in the later stage, but also easy to scratch the ceramic tile in the cleaning process.

3. Construction
In addition to the construction of uniform gluing, we should pay attention to the width of the discharge mouth. Sometimes we cut the discharge mouth is too small, so that the extrusion of the colloid cannot fully cover the gap of the ceramic tile, affecting the appearance of the late but also easy to fall off.



4. Temperature
The season that decoration is different, indoor temperature also can change somewhat. And grouting is certain requirements for the temperature of the surrounding environment. It is usually recommended to work at room temperature between 15 and 30 degrees. In addition, the rainy season air is relatively humid, so it will affect the effect of the tile grout. If you have to, you can use air conditioning to dry and keep dry.

5. After the completion of maintenance
The texture of the tile grout just finished is fragile because it is not completely dry. Premature trampling will not only dirty the tile grout but also affect its adhesion. Therefore, we need to keep it for at least 24 hours after completion, and wait until the colloid is fully cured before proceeding to the next work.



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