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The secret of tile grout composition

As a new type of home decoration material, the market share of beautiful tile grout products continues to increase, resulting in a series of small workshops focusing on profit. Many fake and inferior products are also widely circulated in the market. Although the prices are very low, the ingredients in them seriously damage the body & health.

In order to reduce costs, the environmentally friendly toner raw materials are replaced with iron dioxide coated mica, which generates highly toxic nitrogen dioxide after heating.

In order to reduce costs, aromatic amine curing agents are used. Heavy metals exceed the standard and emit toxic gases, which are carcinogenic to the human body.

In order to make it easier to beat, nonylphenol is added, and prolonged exposure leads to a decrease in sperm volume and infertility in men.



Nonylphenol is an important fine chemical raw material and intermediate. Its appearance is a colorless or light yellow liquid at room temperature, with a slight phenol odor, insoluble in water, and soluble in acetone; it is mainly used to produce surfactants and also used in antioxidants, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, lubricant additives, pesticide emulsifiers, resin modifiers and other fields.

The main function of nonylphenol is to promote the colloidal curing reaction and shorten the curing time. Increase the gloss of colloid surface and enhance flexibility. Improve the moisture resistance of the colloid and enhance the resistance to water penetration. Improve amine whitening and improve the anti-whitening performance of the system.

Nonylphenol is known as the "sperm killer" and also known as the "environmental hormone". It can kill male sperm and promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells... It is extremely harmful to the body. It has great interference to the human endocrine system, and it is a recognized environmental hormone. Once it enters the human body, it will affect the normal reproduction and development of the human body, interfere with the endocrine effect, and promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells, which is a carcinogen.



As a kind of curing agent, nonylphenol has low cost and good curing effect. It is used by many black-hearted merchants in the Tile Grout materials. Therefore, you must be careful when buying tile grouts, and do not buy inferior products for cheap. If you use nonylphenol-added epoxy tile grout, it looks no different from regular beauty stitching agent in the short term, but as time goes by, harmful substances are slowly released, endangering family health.

For the health of you and your family, and for the healthy development of the Tile grout industry, Kelin ceramic sealant manufacturer does not add any harmful ingredients or nonylphenol! formaldehyde! Do not make low-quality and low-priced products! Hope to bring customers a better home environment.