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The practicability of ceramic tile grout

With the aesthetic changes and demand improvement of the public, tile grout in the decoration has gradually become a necessary project. The biggest characteristic of tile grout is that it has a very obvious decorative effect, but in fact, it also has a strong practicality.



1. waterproof impermeability

The water resistance of the grout is strong, especially in the bathroom and kitchen where the water is encountered for a long time. The moisture will cause the empty drum and crack of the ceramic tile. The tile grout can protect the ceramic tile and prolong the service life of the ceramic tile.

2. Mildew proof and black

The tile grout will completely fill the gaps of ceramic tiles to avoid storing dirt and dirt. It will not make the surrounding tiles turn yellow and black, also can prevent the growth of mold in the gaps and harm to people health.



3. Anti-fouling and prevent oil

After curing, the surface of the tile grout is smooth, and it is not easy to stain and prevent oil stains. It is very convenient to clean and can be scrubbed together with ceramic tiles.

4. Scratch resistance and wear resistance

Tile grout high strength, wear - resistant, smooth surface as porcelain. Seamless bonding with ceramic tile, can be very good to avoid sharp ceramic tile edge caused unnecessary scratches, with a certain degree of safety.



5. Health and environmental protection

Regular brands of tile grout are made of epoxy resin, curing agent and high-grade pigments. Through reasonable operation, the tile grout produced is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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