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The points you need pay attention when grouting

Although tile grout is not advanced technical work, it is still a test of construction skills, and long-term experience, then, what are the details of the construction of the specific tile grout? Let me share with you.

1. New house and old house tile grout construction matters needing attention
If the new house grouting, just clean up the ceramic tile gap dust can be constructed; If it is an old house, it is necessary to shovel the old tile grout and dust in the cracks of ceramic tiles first, and then construction.



2. To avoid the occurrence of "peeling" tile grout construction matters needing attention
The phenomenon of "peeling" is because the gap is underlaying, which affects the curing effect and bonding of the tile grout, so that the construction surface peeling and falling off. Although this saves the tile grout material, it is actually not desirable. Now the tile grout construction is full filled, and the tile grout will affect the final tile grout effect, and the quality problems appear.



3. The toilet ground is wet all the year round to do tile grout construction matters needing attention
The toilet is wet all the year round, also can grout, but pay attention to the ground must be dried before construction, otherwise the tile grout is easy not to solidify, discoloration. It is best to use the better waterproof tile grout products.



4. The construction of hemp tile grout construction matters needing attention
For "pitting", there are generally three reasons for uneven:

1. Product quality problems. The product quality of the selected tile grout must be qualified. The tile grout of the regular manufacturer and the good quality tile grout are more smooth and easy to operate during the construction.
2. The ceramic tile gap is not cleaned up during construction. If this phenomenon needs to be avoided, the ceramic tile gap must be smooth and clean.
3. The construction technique problem. Because of the technique problem, the material is easy to appear pores and trachoma when gluing or pressing the seam, which will also cause many pitting spots on the surface of the tile grout, and it is ugly and uneven.



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