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The "Economic Recovery" of the tile grout industry during the Epidemic

The impact of the epidemic on the economy was obvious to all. Many people lost their jobs and had no income, and the world economy declined as a whole. So what will be the economic situation of the tile grout industry after the resumption of work?

During the epidemic, many people stayed at home and had nothing to do. In their spare time, they learned how to cook delicious food from the Internet or used their own creative ideas to decorate their own room. The home is not only the abode of the body, but also the sustenance of the mind. Adding a little color to your home can unknowingly boost your family's happiness. After the epidemic was brought under control, more and more people began to improve their home environment, and tile grout also attracted more attention.Except rich color and strong as porcelain, tile grout has another great characteristic, that is, simple construction. After simple learning, one can construct by oneself, which is also the important reason why tile grout is so popular.



Although the survival of small tile grout enterprises is under great pressure, it is actually a kind of subversion for large enterprises. Enterprises that have invested in the early stage in brand promotion and e-commerce are rising rapidly. The significance of the brand has also been fully reflected during the epidemic. Based on high-quality products, humanized and systematic services are more favored by consumers. As a professional China flexible tile grout supplier with 14 years of experience, Kelin fully embodies the style of a big enterprise during the epidemic. All the workers wear masks before construction and carry out disinfection before entering the factory. They are also responsible for the owners and themselves. Products online and offline synchronous sales, whether products or construction are well-received.



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