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Skills of pressing joints construction

As for the pressing joint, in laymen's opinion, it is very simple and easy to operate which only putting the tile grout into the joint. However, the joint of construction technology is reflected with time going by, which is the reason that as for the same materials, some projects can last for decades while others can only last for a few years.



Why press the joint? It is a step immediately after squeezing the glue.

1. In order to compress the tile grout glue in the joint and let the tile grout glue closely to the ceramic tile joint.

2. Ensure that the surface of ceramic joint is on the same level with the surface of ceramic tile, and also the smooth of the ceramic tile face.

3. Seperating the tile grout with the ceramic tile by taking use of ceramic tile's corner angle, it is convenient to remove away the rest sealant.



Joint pressure step

Keep the speed and strength uniform when pressing the joints. When they are more uniform, the smooth is higher and the effect is better.

Pressing the joint one by one according to the glue extrusion time. When the pressure joints tools with the tile grout products, you need to timely use waste newspaper or rags to clean up, then continue to pressure joint. It is better to press within 10 minutes after the glue extrusion, otherwise after semi-curing, it will be difficult to press.

When pressing the joint, you need to timely inspect to prevent leakage pressure. If you meet imperfections, you can repair as soon as possible. Timely check so as not to affect the effect of joint.



Technique of joint pressure in special area

1. Angle pressure joint skills

The positive angle scraper and the ceramic tile angle go on the vertical scraping pressure. The positive angle scraper plane should be in full contact with the junction of the two ceramic tiles, in order to ensure that the material in the gap is separated with both sides of remains.

2. Negative angle pressure joint pressure skills

Selecting the press-joint plate or stainless steel ball should accord to the width of the angle joint. The force should be coherent in the joint to ensure that the construction is fully separated from the residual materials on both sides.

3. Cross rubber pressure joint technique

Press in one direction first, then put the stainless steel ball or the press-joint plate at the center of the cross angle and press in the other direction respectively. When the ball starts to lift, the angle of the handle will be improved to accelerate lifting and reduce the sag of the joint where the ball starts to lift.



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