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Silverado Fire

The Silverado Fire was reported at Oct. 26, 6:47 a.m. in the area of Santiago Canyon and Silverado Canyon roads on the edge of Limestone Canyon Regional Park. The fire came with fury, which has burned 7,200 acres with a 0% containment rate. Highway 241 is partially closed because of the fire.



The Irvine Polive department order

The Irvine Police Department has issued a mandatory evacuation order from Irvine Blvd to Trabuco Road. And evacuate all residents from Jeffery Drive to Portola High School; Evacuation orders affected more then 90,800 residents of Irvine.



Wild fires are difficult to extinguish, as strong winds fanned new blazes. Two rescue teams have joined the fire fighting and rescue operation, hoping that the fire can be brought under control as soon as possible without further casualties and many innocent little animals.



Forest fire will not only destroy plants, reduce the surface coverage rate, produce carbon dioxide and other gases, but also add the greenhouse effect, destroy the ozone layer, add surface soil erosion, reduce infiltration, cause drought, reduce precipitation.



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