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Note for rework of tile grout

Although it may seem simple, the construction of tile grout is actually a work that requires patience and care. When the good construction of tile grout was made, it is beautiful and practical, but if the craft is not good, it will make people jaw-dropping, it will also affect the usage. The following by the Kelin China grout manufacturer to take you to understand it.

In order to save money, many owners have chosen to grout by themselves or hire a non-professional tiler to do it, with unsatisfactory results. Finally, have to ask professional tiler to repair. Although the quotation is high, but the professional tiler is not willing to accept this rework order. Not only because of too much trouble, but also easy to dispute, a careless will lead to a bad reputation.



The following two points need to be done for rework:


1. Find out if the tiles are all porcelain or tiles

Before removing the frustrated tile grout, make clear that the interior material of the ceramic tile, otherwise, the damage to the tiles is not worth the candle.

The hardness of the full ceramic tile is high, quality and effect are very good, generally used to decorate the wall and floor of the dining room. With this quality, it is relatively easy to remove the solidified grout, but must be careful to prevent the porcelain collapsing.

Porcelain is relatively thin, only the surface of a thin glaze, as long as the hard thing gently touch, it is easy to cause the edge of porcelain broken. So must invite the professional tiler that has rich experience to construct.



2. Use a special hot air gun

Hot air gun is an important tool for the rework of tile grout. Even if the tile grout has not been cured, it is necessary to use hot air gun to blow soft tile grout and use middle and high grade position, so that the heat is enough.



If you don’t have a hot gun, the hair dryer can’t be used instand, one is the heating power is not enough, the tile grout couldn’t be softed, the second is the wind power is not concentrate, easily hurt the tiles either.

So not all tile grout are suitable for rework, do you understand?