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Mistakes of tile grouting

When doing tile grout, green hand workers don't know what should pay attention to, Hereby, Kelin grout booster supplier take you to learn what are mistakes of tile grouting.

1. Tile grouting immediately after tilling

Some people wants to save time, tile grouting will do immediately after tiling, which is incorrect, because after tilling, gaps are damp and ceramic tile itself still is not stable, tile grout easily falls off or does not work. Work should be done until the tiles are completely dry.



2. Cleaning the floor immediately after tilling

Be sure to keep dry during construction and do not clean the ground after construction. If the ground is cleaned immediately after construction, water stains will enter the cracks. Before curing, if tile grout contact with water, will be foaming, whitening and falling off.



3. Choosing tile grout at random

Some owners don't understand tile grout, so just chose tile grout at random, in fact there are many kinds tile grouts for different applications. if it is not applicated in right place, will made things worse, so when the choose and buy tile grout, try to communicate with sales staff and understand the selected brand in advance.



These are some common mistakes. Please contact us for more information.