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Kelin waterborne epoxy adhesive

Now the tile grout has became the mainstream grouting products by replacing sewing agents, if choose the bad tile grout products, it will not only affect the wall ground tile decorative effect, but will also affect the service life of the ceramic tile, if choose the inferior tile grout, it would affect the indoor air quality, and even affect the health of the family. Here let us learn something about waterborne epoxy adhesive which is widely used now.



1.Waterborne epoxy adhesive adopts resin as raw material, which is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The Waterborne epoxy adhesive produced by Kelin,  China mosaic tile grout supplier, is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the negative oxygen ions added in the product can release negative oxygen ions for a long time, slowly remove formaldehyde in the air, and improve indoor air quality. Bring you a better living environment.

2.Kelin waterborne epoxy adhesive long service life, durable, and has good adhesion with ceramic tile , natural sand high temperature calcination, solid color, natural and bright color, available in the window, balcony, trample more parts is not easy to fade and fall off, at the same time, the effect of blade coating construction of full fill, also make the ceramic tile and the gap looks like one integrated mass.



3. Waterborne epoxy adhesive adopts the process of wipe-press caulking, which can be used to make narrow or wide joints of large or small bricks, so as to achieve the consistent effect of single working surface.

4. Waterborne epoxy adhesive can achieve a matte finish. As the development of ceramic tile industry, the popularity of archaize brick, wood grain brick, imitation marble ceramic tile, imitation clear water brick. Matte and soft surface are becoming the trend of ceramic tile industry. Waterborne epoxy adhesive works better with the gloss of these brick surfaces, making them suitable for all kinds of high-end, low-key and luxurious finishes.



The domestic waterborne epoxy adhesive brand has unique advantages in terms of environmental protection, health, quality performance or decorative effect, and it has become a popular new choice in the future Tile grout consuming market.