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In late autumn, what the tile grout construction should pay attention to?

In late autumn, the cool breeze of morning and evening also let people feel the deep sense of the autumn. At this point, although it is more appropriate to decorate, but following with the occasional rain, wet climate, temperature sudden drop and other environmental factors, these are the adverse factors in the construction of the tile grout. When the tile grout division is in the construction, how should avoid these adverse factors to let the tile grout construction develop its orginal decoration effect?



1.Remind the owner to close the doors and Windows

The late autumn occasionally ushers in the continuous drizzle, which will cause the air very humid. If the owner is still keeping the state of opening the window ventilated like summer, it is very likely that rain will fall from the windowsill into the house. The rain penetrates the ceramic tile gap inside the house, which can cause the gap to be wet, and cannot carry on the condition of the tile grout construction.



Therefore, in this special season, tile grout division should remind owner to close door window in time before the construction, and let the house environment maintain a stable state. When carrying on the tile grout, the designer can choose to close the doors and windows for construction or open the windows for ventilation according to the prevailing weather conditions.



If there has been rainfall for a period of time before construction, the tile grout division needs to carry out advance tests on multiple joints in the same area when clearing the joint. With the box cutter and shovel knife deeply in the gap, bringing out some ceramic tile dirty, only the dirty becoming the dust or powder , can it carry out the construction of ceramic tile gap. Individual occurrence of muddy dust gap, it is necessary to suspend the construction, and after a few days when the internal completely dry can we go on the next step of construction.



2. According to the temperature to wax appropriately and hot material in time

The temperature of tile grout construction is appropriate between 15℃-30℃, but because the thermal conductivity of ceramic tile is better, the ceramic tile surface temperature is often lower than room temperature. Too low surface temperature will make the product brittle in the curing process, so it is impossible to tear the whole piece in the later cleaning process, affecting the cleaning efficiency.



And the way to solve this problem is also very simple, as long as the tile grout division after the completion of the clearance in both sides of the gap evenly hits the tile grout wax. Tile grout wax can form a protective layer between ceramic tile and tile grout product, so that the residual material produced when tile grout pressing is attached to tile grout wax, and no debris will be produced when it is cleaned.



In addition, the tile grout material at this time still belongs to the summer material, in order to adapt to the high temperature, it will be mixed thicker. However, the autumn temperature generally drops, the thicker tile grout product may appear the condition of gluing hard.

The tile grout division can choose to iron the summer material moderately according to the gluing sense by oneself. Hot stamping requires the tile grout product to be immersed in the hot water of 50-60 ℃ for 10-20 minutes, so as to increase the fluidity of the tile grout product with the increase of temperature, the tile grout can also save some effort when gluing.

3. Check carefully during acceptance inspection

The drying time of the surface of tile grout products is about 12-24 hours. Generally, the tile grout engineers will enter the construction site again the next day to clean up the remaining materials and conduct the acceptance of tile grout. If it is because just rained, then, in some easily moist environment (such as toilet, balcony), in the dry process, it is likely to appear the tile grout absorption of water vapor. The immersion of water vapor will lead to the change of the character of the solidified seam products, and will also occur the phenomenon of discoloration and falling off.



For the above areas, the seam division should check carefully during the acceptance inspection, especially the corners of Yin and Yang angles that are not easy to observe. If the owner is present, the seam division will explain the situation to the owner before making repairs.



According to the different season, as for the decoration color, the owner can be different. In the summer and autumn, people tend to prefer warm colors. So in the selection of the tile grout color, the owner may also choose some warm colors.

Although the tile grout product overall construction area is not big, after it combines with ceramic tile color, it can let the overall decoration style in the owner home more unified and harmonious. So the tile grout color cannot only choose good-looking, but also choose one which can be able to match with ceramic tile, and with owner in the home even.



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