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Ignore appearance level temporarily, teach you how to choose the best tile grout

With the rapid development of tile grout industry, some inferior tile grout materials flow into the market. These inferior product, or it is cohesive force is not strong appear to fall off, such as powder, or it is to send out pungent dour in use process. So, in the purchase of the tile grout material from which several aspects of the investigation? What kind of tile grout products are qualified?


Materials with pungent or strong odors contain more chemicals and are more likely to affect our health. On the contrary, the smaller the smell of the material, environmental performance is relatively better. Sewing agent products are mainly composed of epoxy resin and curing agent and other raw materials, epoxy resin and curing agent itself will have a slight smell, the product will not have any impact on our health after curing!




The regular manufacturer produces the tile grout material, waiting for a product to solidify color nature, glossiness is high, can match with ceramic tile very well, increase the aesthetic feeling of the room and class. The inferior tile grout products use low-cost raw materials to improve the gloss of the product, although the gloss is very high, but the color is not natural.



3.After curing, plump and smooth

After curing, the product should not shrink too obviously, and the surface should be plump and smooth.




After the tile grout being played, the consistency of inferior material is not enough, the phenomenon of powder dropping will occur. The high quality of the tile grout consistency suitable, strong bonding ability, not easy to flow down, not easy to be erased, will not fall off the phenomenon.



5.Hardness and flexibility

The hardness and flexibility should be in a relatively balanced basis. After curing, the hardness can be comparable to ceramic tile. But the tile grout is not the harder the better, to just with soft, with good flexibility; Such ability is contracted as ceramic tile, protect ceramic tile to do not produce collapse porcelain.



6.Waterproof and mildew proof, not easy to fade

Color will be an important test of the tile grout material. After using period of time, inferior tile grout product changes color easily fall off, affect the integral beauty of household. The high-quality tile grout products are waterproof and mildew-proof after curing. They are not easy to fall off and change color after long time of use. They can effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria and provide a healthy and environmentally friendly living environment for family members.



The above points are the main factors to distinguish the quality of the tile grout. In the purchase of the tile grout products, for the health of our family, do not blindly choose the low price of the market does not guarantee the tile grout products, must choose the regular manufacturers of the tile grout brand. China epoxy tile grout wholesaler-Kelin welcomes your contact.