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How to choose tile grout

Nowadays, the tile grout has become an indispensable part of the decoration, because it can not only avoid the accumulation of dust, mildew and blackness of ceramic tile cracks, but also play a role in the protection and beautification of ceramic tile. But if you choose the wrong tile grout, later headaches can ensue. So how do you choose? Which is better?



The role of tile grout

In addition to playing a decorative role, the tile grout also has the function of waterproof and moisture-proof. In the rainy season of southern plum, many people shorten the service life of ceramic tiles in order to prevent water erosion on the ground, and they will use the tile grout to protect them. In addition, due to the smooth surface of the tile grout, it is also very convenient to clean up, and the stain can be removed by gently wiping it with a mop or wet rag.

Selection of tile grout

1. choose strong environmental protection, no odor tile grout: tile grout is mostly used in indoor, so the environmental performance is the most important for the owners, environmental protection tile grout does not add harmful substances, and will not affect people's health. For example, Linmei tile grout has dual environmental protection certification and can be used at ease.



2. choose good quality, raw materials crystal clear tile grout: high-quality tile grout raw materials crystal clear, bright and gorgeous color, dry table soft, toughness, strong adhesion, not easy to crack off. After curing, it is as tough as porcelain, smooth and clean.



3. Choose products from regular manufacturers: Kelin epoxy grout manufacturer have flagship stores all over the country. The integrated high-quality service enables customers to enjoy the best after-sales service and protect the rights and interests of consumers.