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How long does it remove tile grout after curing

Decoration is a long and meticulous project, every step construction need to do carefully. After finished, it is better to wait for a period of time to move in. However tile grout is regarded as an important part during decoration process, how long will it be take?

Before the construction of tile grout, ceramic tile cracks should be cleaned first in order to inject tile grout totally into the gap, then press seam by professional tooling is suggest to do within half an hour. Until up 4-6 hours, you can use the crack-cleaning tools to remove the extra tile grout, after the surface of the tile grout curing. When you grout the frosted tile, (like matte tile, rustic tile European type tiles ect), we can use polishing wax, not only for protecting ceramic tile, also for construction easily. At the same time, it is more easier to clean the edges. The use of polishing wax does not affect the time to clean. Drying time of different brand tile grout is slightly different, so how to judge when is real surface drying time? In fact, it is very simple, if you clean the edge with a cleaning knife, gently lift the curing agent, it is easy to tear off, and constantly line, then the surface dry has basically completed.



Before construction, you can stick masking tape or polishing wax, especially on the ceramic tile with rough surface, it can make tile grout not touch ceramic tile and is cleaned conveniently. After construction, you can immediately tear off maskking tape.



Is the whole decoration of tile grout construction not simple and time-saving? It should be noted that we must choose environmentally decoration materials, which can not only let us be at ease in the future, but also will not cause harm to health. Kelin, flexible grout additive manufacturer is specialized in the development and production of environmentally friendly tile grout. Our products are colorful, beautiful, imported raw materials, environmentally friendly and non-toxic, and can be safely used!