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Grout Construction's Unique Skill--- Time & Labor Largely Saving

Often, there will be some friends ask some problems that encountered in the construction.  As a China tile grout factory, today we will summarize some tips to help you easily save effort in the construction in order to make a better effect of the tile grout.



1.Hitting the seam always uneven, sometimes more, sometimes less?

The discharge speed of the mixed rubber hose is consistent with the speed of the rubber gun trigger. When the rubber gun trigger is pressed to the maximum, the pressure must be released instantly. If you keep pressing the trigger and do not let go, when the rubber gun lacks pressure, it is possible to stop discharging. Only when the gun trigger frequency and rubber gun moving speed are at the same time, can the seam played both flat and uniform, and also fast.



2.Why as for the same product, someone plays often burst pipe, but others not?

There are two reasons. The first reason is that the quality of the tile grout rubber hose produced by the tile grout manufacturer is not up to standard, so the tubes often burst.



3.Why the tile grout before sewing to row glue?

The tile grout is a two-component material, two components to be mixed through the mixed rubber hose, the newly opened tile grout just played out is likely to be a component out first, so that the tile grout mixed uneven, hitting  in the gap will make the material dry. So we always line about 60-80 centimeters of material before we sew.

The second is using the incorrect methods, which will often cause to burst the tube. Because every time the trigger of the glue gun is pressed, the pressure inside the material tube will rise a little. If the pressure is not released by pressing the trigger tightly, then when the pressure is too high, and the amount of discharge from the mixing hose is small, then the tile grout  will be squeezed out behind the bottle, causing the bottle to burst.



4.What posture dozen seam is most comfortable for the tile grout construction?

Always make sure the trigger of the glue gun is facing the tile, which will be the most labor saving and the most comfortable method.



5. How the whole process go on in the construction?

Overall speaking, you should hit the kicking thread and the part that intersects with it first in order to facilitate the pressure seam. Then, making the big ceramic tile seam pull to the head directly, and the small ceramic tile stands in a place to be able to reach the place to play completely, avoiding to trample the gap.