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Five factors affecting the efficiency of construction!

You may be familiar with the tile grout. But in the construction process, due to various reasons, the original plan was disrupted and time-consuming......Today, we talk about how to get rid of the factors affecting the construction efficiency to improve the construction efficiency of the tile grout.

1. The joints are not clean and dry

When construction, you must ensure that the ceramic tile gap is clean and dry enough. If the gap is not clean, it is very easy to lead to the product finished dull; The gap is not dry, which will easily cause the discoloration of the tile grout products. No matter which point, it will affect the aesthetic degree of the final construction effect.

Therefore, the gap is kept dry and clean, which is the rigid requirement for the construction environment of the tile grout



2. Improper handling of cross joints

No matter what you do, you’d better not be hasty but be clear, only in this way can you achieve twice the result with half the effort. Tile grout is the same as it. For some of the more difficult details, such as the cross interface, waist line, you can just master a few processing principles.

Cross joints encountered in the construction, you can follow the principle of up after down, vertical after horizontal so that you can greatly shorten the construction time to improve efficiency!



3. The use of glue gun is not standard

The correct way to use the glue gun should be to keep the handle of the glue gun always towards the ceramic tile joint.



4. Does not follow the 24 - hour curing principle

After the construction of the tile grout, it will completely solidify in 8 to 12 hours. However, due to various environmental factors, it is inevitable that this cycle will be extended, but as long as it does not exceed 24 hours. Otherwise, it still do not fully solidify, you must find the cause, and then remedy.



5. Improper material construction

With more and more tile grout products on the market, it is easy for consumers to get confused and fail to have a clear understanding of tile grout products. 


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