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Color collocation is crucial

The color of tile grout is rich with a variety of choices, can match with all kinds of ceramic tile showing different effect. Let interior decoration design, foil a better effect. Actually color collocation does not have rigid requirement, can choose the color that suits according to oneself be fond of, different color collocation can have different visual perception to experience, but also want to listen to the suggestion of stylist and opinion to choose appropriate tile grout, make integral decorate a style more harmonious and beautiful.



Here are some common color combinations recommended by Kelin grout supplier:

1. Match similar colors, such as light yellow brick and deep yellow tile grout, black brick and gray tile grout.



2. Brunet ceramic tile and light color tile grout collocation, use the depth of color different, make the effect of cleanness and neatness. This is the safest way to mix and match, suitable for all styles. If black and white, deep and shallow, can be used with collocation.



3. Similar color collocation, coordinate the effect between tiles, unified tone, will not appear too abrupt. If yellow brick and aureate tile grout, ash brick and silvery tile grout.



4. Contrast color collocation, color contrast can also form a bright effect, such as people often say green with white, blue with gold. This kind of collocation is bold and exaggerated, give a person very strong visual impact force, suit grandiose artistic style, build atmosphere.



5. Non-polar colors are matched with colors. Black, white, gold, silver and gray are called non-polar colors and can be matched with any color.