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Characteristics of polyurea tile grout

Nowadays, the use of tile grout in home decoration has become a common phenomenon. Epoxy resin is a popular material in the market at present. However, many owners find that light-colored tile grout will turn yellow and discolored after a long time, even for high-end products purchased at a high price. The epoxy resin tile grout will turn yellowing when exposed to sunlight is an essential problem and cannot be changed. Since the end of last year, there are already a new type of tile grout on the market, which is divided into polyurea, known as high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, never yellowing, which has attracted widespread attention. Next, the polyurea grout manufacturer will take you to know the difference between polyurea tile grout and epoxy tile grout.



More anticorrosive: strong acid and alkali prevention, rust prevention, ultraviolet resistance, aging resistance, chemical and drug corrosion resistance, iodine stain resistance.

More wear-resistant: anti-slip, high compression, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, flame retardant.

More environmental protection: suitable for cleanliness ISO Class1 dust-free clean workshop; Free of nonylphenol, dodecylphenol, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, no solvent, odorless, halogen and acid.

More durable: durable beautiful, non-toxic, no VOC emissions, bright color, decorative strong, strong adhesion, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, no yellowing, weather resistance.



After curing, in addition to the strong acid and strong oxidation environment, polyurea tile grout can be used under harsh conditions for a long time (-50℃ to 100℃). And when construction outdoor, it has the characteristics of  anti-ultraviolet, no cracking, no yellow, no powder.

All above is the difference between polyurea tile grout and common epoxy tile grout. Common epoxy tile grout is cheaper and can be used in darker colors without direct sunlight. The price of polyurea tile grout is more expensive, can be used in heavy oil, wet, direct sunlight environment. We can choose the suitable tile grout according to the actual situation of the family.