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Grout Tiler's "little secret" Of Receiving Orders


The development of the household industry is changing with each passing day. The tile grout market meets the customers' requirements for exquisite and healthy home decoration. In the fierce competition, the supply of technicians exceeds the demand and they are in a passive position. Why does the number of orders received by some technicians increasing rather than decreasing under this condition? Are there any key tips? Take it easy, we will take you to the tile grout technician's "broad world".

Good wine needs no bush. For the tile grout technicians, how to find the market to get orders quickly? How should they accurately and quickly grasp the few orders, and stand out from them? How to get more orders through personal traffic? Technicians must have their own excellent technology and meticulous and thoughtful service, but more importantly----a reliable platform.

We take orders that if you come to the construction, we really achieve the sharing of resources.


At present, with the promotion of online e-commerce platform and the increase of orders. Kelin has fully implemented the one-stop service – Construction after you are buying. The one-stop service covers all provinces and cities in China. Therefore, we sincerely invite tile grout engineers to cooperate with our company nationwide. Once we receive the order, we will send it to you as soon as possible. In this way, it truly realizes the all-around connection mode combining the Internet with the factory and construction without transfer, which not only brings huge flow to the technician, but also guarantees the experience of customers.


 For the tile grout, we can provide:


1. Receive orders online.

    Orders are distributed directly to technicians, it is efficient and free of charge.

2. The company provides uniform work clothing and work number.

3. The official website provides identity authentication to technicians, and the title of star craftsman will increase the flow of technicians.

4. Jingdong platform does certification for the company, and all construction costs are guaranteed.



We always insist on being a conscientious enterprise, regarding "high-tech innovation, high quality service, high speed development" as the core concept"; environmentally-friendly furniture advocate " as the business purpose, and strive to become a industry leading brand with social responsibility, humanistic care, and human interest.


We are the manufacturer-China environment sewing agent manufacturer, if you are interested, come and join us to enter the new era of tile grout.