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Grout pen VS Tile grout

Grout pen VS Tile grout

2021-03-25 09:07:00

Recently, a kind of color grout pen has been selling well on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and other shopping websites. It is very popular due to its simple operation and obvious results. Next, Kelin grout supplier brings you to know more about it.

The grout pen is a water-based product, used to restore the appearance of the grout. It is convenient for those who do not want to regrout but do not want to spend a lot of cleaning money, but the grouting pen has its limitations, it is not a permanent or long-term solution, and can only be used to cover the cracks that have been filled with a caulking product to cover hard-to-clean stains on the surface of the grouting. Although the price is cheap, the operation is simple, it cannot solve the problem completely.



Cement-based grout products are difficult to clean, making people have to regularly spend money on cleaning, it is very troublesome and waste. Epoxy resin tile grout developed and produced by Kelin New Material Company, it is waterproof, mildew proof, environmental protection and non-toxic. The service life of this product is the same as the ceramic tile, and it can be benefited for life only once. There are a variety of colors can match with ceramic tile, easy to clean, you need not spend extra clean charge any more.



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