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Why the tile grout can’t be used on broken tiles???

Many residents have encountered such a situation, no matter the length of time in the house, There are always some tiles loose or fall off, when time goes longer, there will be tile fragmentation, what is the reason for this phenomenon? In this case, can we use sealant to glue the tiles together again? Below, let the Kelin grout supplier take us to analyze the reasons.

Commonly, there are some kinds of reasons of the ceramic tile falling off as following.

Ceramic tile itself quality problem

Toilet is different with other indoor space, because the toilet is to used more frequently. less sunshine, more humid place. So we should pay special attention to choose the ceramic tiles,try to choose the tiles which bibulous rate does not exceed 18%. But the bibulous rate of major ceramic tile are exceeding 20% even 25%, so the ceramic tile can expand after bibulous, when encountering difference temperatures, or indoor temperature is lower, desquamate, crack would happen. burst off even.



Base plane processing problem

Whether it is tile adhesive or tile grout construction, to ensure that the base surface is treated clean. If the wall, floor or the back of the tiles are not clean before tiling, there are dust, stains, or the base is too dry, it can make the grass-roots backwater, bonding layer and grassroots are difficult to fit closely due to lack of frictional resistance and bonding water, and also because the float ash does not eliminate, the tile and metope stickup is not tight,  after a period of time, it can appear loose, falls off phenomenon.

Quality problems of the cement and sand

Cement and sand are also very important. If the quality is not good, the cement label is too low, the opening is too long and fails, the amount of mud or water in the river sand is too high, thus reducing or not binding force. Cause the ceramic tile can not fit closely with the metope.

Construction technology problem

Construction process and manual method is always the most important part of construction. Even sometimes, the good technique is better than the material itself. A good worker can change the quality of the product from A, A commission to A+, and can also make up for some of the defects in the material itself. Therefore, it is particularly important to choose a professional construction team and regular construction workers.



In the process of re-construction, if the water-tight mortar of the cushion layer is laid too thick or too thin, or the cement is added with too much water, uneven daub will cause the laying of ceramic tiles fall off.

The size of the gap is different as the different ceramic tiles . In life, thermal expansion and cold contraction exist in all kinds of objects, ceramic tile is the same. When laying bricks, if the tile seam is too small, thermal expansion and cold contraction, tile extrusion, rescue caused by warping, rupture, loosening and even fall off.

So why can't the place where the tile falls off be patched with the beauty seams?

Tile grout is used to fill gaps, not adhesives. If it is just a simple glue on the back of tile and laminating the tile, there will be empty drum in the middle, and the adhesion is not sufficient, which affects the service life. If its back is full of glue, leveling it with other tiles, although you can ensure the effect, but the amount will be very large, the cost is too high, not economical.



The correct way still is to use normal cement mortar, repair ceramic tile. When the cement is completely dry after the tile was pasted on, the tile grout is used for seaming construction, which is generally about a week. If the tile grout just after the tile is finished, because the cement is not dry enough, the tile grout will change color, foaming and not solidify due to the humidity. Therefore, after the tiles fall off, we need to re-shop and wait until they are completely dry, so we can't do tile grout in a short time.

Got it? If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Kelin professional tile grout team will serve you wholeheartedly! Be your little helper.