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Why should ceramic tile leave seam

After hearing this question, lots babies’ first thought is because ceramic tile is not so big as the room, but when splicing the tiles, it's not easy to get 100% of the pieces on each other, so there are cracks naturally~

No~ No~ No~ That's not true.

Any object has thermal expansion and cold contraction, because of the density and volume of the matter, the rate of thermal expansion and cold contraction is different. Ceramic tile is no exception, if the gap left by ordinary ceramic tile is too small, may lead to poor environment strain capacity for the ceramic tiles, once the temperature changes, there will be ceramic tile arch, fracture and other phenomena, so we leave this seam, it is also known as expansion joint.



Since it is the aperture that sets apart deliberately, so what kind of material could be added into the seams?

What do you do when you get dirty? How do you deal with it?

1. Sewing agent

Now the most common material that added in ceramic tile seam is sewing agent, also have cement, white cement, putty powder, among them the putty powder and white cement are more traditional seam filler materials, it is mostly used on the culture brick on balcony. The common cement grout is used directly on a lot of balconies when tiling. Mainly because the waterproof and scrubbing resistance property of the putty powder and white cement is inferior than the sewing agent.



2. Epoxy tile grout

With people's pursuit of color, there are many products similar to the sewing agent appears on the market, but some are colored epoxy sealant. Mixing according to some proportion, then add different colors toners, it has better hardness, rich color. But the disadvantage of this tile grout is easy to dirt, easy to change color, easy to fade.



3. Epoxy Tile grout

Epoxy tile grout is the most popular seam filling product at present, it has capacity of waterproof, mildew-proof, easy to clean, beautiful effect after construction, and do not have to worry about the phenomenon of falling off and fracture completely, it also can adapt to heat expansion and cold contraction. It not only can enhances the beauty of the interior, but also can effectively protect the ceramic tile. And after curing, the surface is smooth and non-greasy, saving more cleaning up time and effort.



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