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Why need clear the joint before grouting, and how to clean?

The main reason of clearing the joints before grouting is that the tile grout has a high requirement for construction and the construction can only be carried out in a dust-free environment.

New house decoration will produce a lot of decoration garbage, dust, etc., which have a great impact on ceramic tile gaps, especially wood chips produced by woodworking, the dust after imitation porcelain polishing, the pollution of ceramic tile gaps is the biggest. If ceramic tile joint is sawdust, can you grout? Can you have a good effect? Can such ceramic tile joint directly grout?



It is nothing more than two points to clear the joint before grouting. To ensure the quality of the tile grout, the effect of the tile grout, and the service life of tile grout.

So, how should ceramic tile joint be cleared?

First of all, ready to clear joints tools: clear joints knife, scraper, electric cleaning machine, vacuum cleaner, cloth, etc., with these tools we can easily gaps in the garbage dust clean up.



Ceramic tile clear joints, the first step, clean the ground with a broom thick garbage, check all ceramic tile again, see if there is any damage, if found damaged ceramic tile, immediately contact the owner, so as not to do perfect joint after unnecessary trouble.

When clearing ceramic tile joint with knife, want to make clear seam edge is shown 45 degrees Angle along ceramic tile edge by go up and down, scrape ceramic tile edge gently from left to right, the purpose is to scrape the black besmirch on ceramic tile edge. This step has a great impact on the follow-up tile grout effect, so be sure to carefully clean.



Warm tips; If there is too much cement in the gap, do not use a knife to clean the cement, otherwise it is easy to break porcelain, remember.

After all ceramic tile joint is scraped clean, suck the dirt inside joint with cleaner, reoccupy is half dry wet towel the float ash on joint edge is wiped away.

Want to do it well, just need few steps only, ceramic tile joint even if cleared thoroughly, this is also the necessary working procedure that grouting and joints cleaning, it should be carried out strictly, the tile grout effect that so we make subsequently can be good firm again. Welcome to contact us, Kelin epoxy gap filler supplier, for more details.