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Why doesn't tile grout cure?

When tile grout done, why not curing, what is the reason?

1. Uneven discharge

a. Although the two-component tile grout does not need to be manually stirred and mixed like the waterborne epoxy adhesive, it is also 1:1 in the nozzle when pushing the glue gun. So it should be noted that before pressing the glue nozzle, first observe the mouth is enough to plug, both sides can simultaneously glue out, and then install the mixing nozzle. Then extrude the unevenly mixed tile grout in the front section of 60-80cm, which can effectively avoid the non-curing phenomenon of tile grout caused by uneven discharge.



b.The quality of the mixing pipe is not qualified. Loose inner core of the mixing pipe may lead to AB material coming out without mixing/mixing well.

c.There is some air in the tube(Even the vacuum can sometimes enter the air, or the violent transport of the rear piston loose into the air) Will lead to the AB capacity ratio imbalance, may appear local or intermittent non - curing.

d. When using the electric glue gun, the discharging speed and the size of the discharging nozzle will also affect the curing. The high speed and small nozzle will result in uneven discharging and non-curing.

e. Glue gun problem of tile grout (whether the screws are loose and whether the left or the right pressures are balanced)

f. After the pipe burst (afraid of glue waste), continue to use, the pipe burst may cause THE AB mixture is not uniform, leading to curing.

2. Poor quality tile grout

Due to the increasing demand of tile grout, many fake products have appeared. These inferior tile grout can not meet the standard in terms of raw materials or composition ratio, which will also lead to the situation of non-curing in subsequent construction.



3. The tile gap is damp and watery

When construction, It is not dry in the ceramic tile or stone gaps, or encountered water in the construction process, the tile grout made in this case will be affected, or do not cure, or the phenomenon of bubbles after curing, which is why the construction should keep the gap dry.



4. The temperature is too low

Too low ambient temperature will also lead to the tile grout curing problem, not curing or curing slowly.

The above are the common reasons why the tile grout does not cure, has it solved your doubt? Before we do the tile grout, we must understand the relevant products and construction of common sense, in order to ensure that you can get cheaper and better construction effect. Kelin China sewing agent wholesaler are looking forward to hearing from you.