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White Cement VS Tile Grout

New house decoration each will choose a suitable style ceramic tile for their home decoration, whether it is the ground or the wall of the kitchen toilet, most people will choose to stick tile, on the one hand, to beautify the environment, on the other hand, more convenient to clean up. But the joints of ceramic tiles become black making many people get headache. The first thing we do is to fill the joints with white cement. I believe we all have an understanding of this. What are the differences between it and tile grout? The following Kelin tile grout take you to understand.



White cement and putty powder are relatively early joint filling materials, mainly used to fill the joints between white porcelain pieces. But the effect of white cement can only keep in a short time. For a long time, it is easy to seepage, mold, and even fall off. At present, it has slowly withdrawn from the joint filling boundary! The tile grout is an upgrade product of sewing agent. Compared with the filling, the color of the tile grout is richer and can be matched with a variety of colors of ceramic tiles. In addition to the advantages of gorgeous colors, the tile grout is also waterproof, moisture-proof, water-resistant and oil-resistant, which can effectively avoid the blackening of ceramic tile cracks.



Epoxy tile grout produced by Kelin, two-component design, using with glue gun, so that the construction is more convenient. Strong stability, rich color, not only can have the effect of decoration and beautification, but also can protect ceramic tile, increase the service life of ceramic tile. Kelin is the most popular brand on tile grout market. Welcome to contact us!