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Which tile grout is better, matte or glossy ?

With the rapid development of the tile grout industry, there are many brands on the market today. Due to the different needs of consumers, the tile grout is divided into two series, Which is better, matte or glossy? Kelin grout booster manufacturer will tell you.

The biggest difference between matte and glossy is that the degree of refraction of light is different. The glossiness of matte is lower than glossy, but we cannot judge from the glossiness which one is better! Because everyone has their own preferences. not only it depends on the owner's preferences, but also based on the color of the owner's home tile. Matte tile grout is actually more suitable for rustic tiles and tile without glitter.



Secondly, due to the different decoration styles, the types of tile grout are also different. For example, if it is polished tile or vitrified tile, would you choose to use matte tile grout? Of course not. For glossy tile, the effect of using bright series of tile grout will be more compatible. And if you choose the matte series, it will be inconsistent and affect the decoration style.



Therefore, the matte and glossy cannot be emphasized on which one is better, because when the product quality is the same, the choice of glossy or matte depends on the color and type of the tiles in the owner's home.