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Which is better: tile grout agent or retail?

With the rise of tile grout products, many merchants see the opportunity, but struggled to decide whether to be agents or retailers.

The advantage of being an agent is that after joining the factory, not only the price is low, the quality is guaranteed, but also you can follow the activities and publicity of the brand and enjoy the corresponding preferential activities and local protection. The brand side will also do relevant personnel training and support. It is very formal and can be rooted in the brand growth together. So that you can borrow and go, up and up! Although one-time investment is big, but competition ability is big, unified decorate unified design.



Retail stores are generally existing store merchants in the increase of phase, can be casually increased, reduce brand products. However, due to the diversity of products and many brands, the knowledge of brands and products are not as professional as flagship stores. Small investment, flexible, but not by the brand side of the market protection. But it's also a good choice.



Both of these two sale modes have advantages and disadvantages, which can be determined according to personal circumstances. However, no matter which one you choose, it is recommended that you do a good job of research when choosing products, and choose a good brand with strong brand, great potential, good quality and good reputation.



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