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When is it appropriate to doing tile grout in whole decoration?

Decoration have certain working procedure, so when it suitable time for construct tile grout?

1. After the ceramic tiles is fixed and completely dry

Tile grout is to be used in the filling material of ceramic tile joint, so it is constructed after tiles is fixed. But what needs to be noted is that it must be made after the ceramic tile completely dry, otherwise ceramic tile is very easy to appear the circumstance of empty drum, tile grout will turn white, fall off, and affect final effect. So it must be done at appropriate time.



2. After painting or pasting the wallpaper

it is need to clean before tile grout construction, when the dust enter into gap, tile grout will be not firm, easy to fall off. Painted places left a lot of decoration waste. Therefore, it is necessary to complete these work and clean before the construction of the tile grout.



3. After carpenter and painter have finished and cleaned

When carpenter and painter done, they will produce a lot of dust and construction garbage, so the construction of tile grout should be done after these procedures to avoid the phenomenon that tile grout are not firm and fall off, which will affect the quality and beauty of tile grout.



4. Before install ceiling and cabinet

If tile grout is used for toilet and kitchen, you need to consider the installation of cabinets and appliances, if doing after that, the construction will be difficult, and it is not easy to deal with all kinds of joints, affect whole effect, so tile grout construction need to be done before installing the ceiling or cabinet.



5.  Before the furniture entrances.

If there are articles before the construction of the tile grout, such as furniture. It will not only cost the time and increase difficult to construction, but also the work efficiency is lower. Therefore, it is better to carry out the tile grout before the furniture entrances.



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