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What's the difference between beautiful sideline and tile grout

What is beautiful sideline, where is it used, and what is the difference between it and tile grout? Let's take a look at the difference between the beautiful sideline and tile grout.

In the process of decoration, more or less will encounter the problem of edge sealing, At this time, the beautiful sideline will be used, it is also known as the art border line. Usually, It was used in kicking line, windowsill, door cover, ceiling and other corners of the place. Home decoration corner line is one of the necessary decorative materials. For example, the corner, the wall seam, the shade corner, the window sill, the toilet, the lavatory corner, etc., can be decorated with the beautiful sideline. If you are worried about the wallpaper edge seam falling off, you can also use the beautiful sideline to seal. And its color is rich, easy to disassemble. The border line is divided into PVC, ABS resin and melamine material, the three materials of the beautiful sideline have their own advantages,which is commonly used is the beautiful sideline of PVC material.



Tile grout belongs to adhesive products, very viscous, strong adhesion, solidified as hard as porcelain, and the application place of it  is different from the beautiful sideline. The tile grout is used to fill, decorate, beautify and protect the cracks in ceramic tiles. And the beautiful sideline can not be used in the ceramic tile seam. As for the tile grout, can it be used for edge sealing? It’s ok, but you need to pay attention to the application site, such as a toilet, wash basin, such place is not recommended  to use tile grout, because after curing, the tile grout adhesived strong, tough after curing, such as porcelain, it's hard to get off, If it is removed by improper forcibly, it may also affect the toilet and the basin, damage it, so suggest to use tile grout only within the ceramic tile aperture, not recommended for use in sealing side.



The above is the difference between the beautiful sideline and the tile grout, although the line and the tile grout have similarities, but when decorating different places, it is recommended to use professional products, so as to achieve the desired effect in performance and beauty. But here Kelin construction building glue factory still suggest that you do not use tile grout for edge sealing because of trouble, it is better to choose special edge sealing products.