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What you don't know about tile grout in spring!

In March, the spring breeze is warm, the bright spring light shines on the earth, all things show a vitality, just like those who are waiting for the decoration’s owners, more looking forward to the arrival of this season! Because one of the main attractions of springa is the pleasant temperature and humidity. Kelin construction building glue manufacturer today to talk with you five reasons about the owners like grouting in the spring.


1. The service life of tile grout is long

The suitable temperature and humidity in spring can ensure the performance of the grout products in the golden state. At this time of construction, the grout products can give full play to the greatest advantages, can firmly adhere to the ceramic tile gap, and ceramic tile form a whole, water vapor, oil, mold and granular objects, will be firmly blocked out by the grout products. In addition, the constant temperature can also make the grout products dry stably and give full play to its bright and lustrous advantages. Appropriate humidity can ensure that the grout products will not change color, whiten or fall off during construction.




2. Protect the ceramic tile, prolong the service life of ceramic tile

The construction of the grout products under the appropriate temperature, not only the tile grout gloss, high hardness, flexibility is good, protect the ceramic tile diamond not damaged, but also protect the ceramic tile, prolong the service life of ceramic tile.




3. Improved decoration taste

The grout products are rich in color and pure in color. The tile grout construction team will choose an appropriate color of the tile grout according to different home decoration styles and bricks. It not only brightens the decorative style of their own, but also improves the overall beauty, so that the indoor tiles have vitality and are no longer monotonous.




4. Don't delay your check-in

The period of tile grout is shorter than that of decoration, and it does not delay the occupant time of the owners, because after the construction of tile grout, the edge can be shoveled after 4-5 hours, and it can be used normally after 24 hours, which is very convenient.


5. Free hands from labor

There is an old saying: catch early rather than late. Some things are done earlier, the earlier the benefit, so do the grouting. Early to grout, you will not be difficult to get the ground, kitchen oil wall brick and toilet damp worry, the tile grout can form a layer of protective film on the ceramic tile gap, prevent dirt, black oil, bacteria into and breeding, and easy to clean, since wipe can bright, clean when wiping.