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What you don't know about the tile grout done for second time!

Recently, people often ask that if the tile grout is not satisfied, can it be done again? Is it not easy to make, will it damage the tiles? The old decorated house didn't have tile grout, then can it still be done now? Do you have any requirements? Let us-Kelin China sewing agent manufacturer tell you.



We often say that the best time to do the tile grout is after finishing ceramic tile when decorating. After waiting for the ceramic tile to be completely dry, can undertake the tile grout. This time does the tile grout can save a lot of trouble and time. So missing this time, you also need not feel depressed, because ceramic tile grout in any time. But secondly doing the tile grout or latter will more trival when in the construction, it also tests the professional ability of construction personnel.

In fact, the construction of the tile grout is nothing more than the clearance of joints, rubber, the elimination of leftover material and other steps. But for the late tile grout, the most difficult is to clear the seam. No matter it is for the second sewing or filling the seam with materials such as caulking agent, the filling materials between the cracks shall be cleaned before the construction of the seam. Pay attention not to be able to break ceramic tile even in this process, so, how to do in order to remove the remaining material while not damaging ceramic tile.



1. Prepare sewing tools: box cutter, scraper, hair dryer or heat blower, sewing cone or electric cleaning cone, brush, sponge, etc.

2. Construction: For the secondary construction of the tile grout, you can use a box cutter or a scraper to clean up the original tile grout bit by bit. In the areas that are difficult to clean, you can use a hair dryer or a heat blower to heat the tile grout, and the heated tile grout is easier to clean.



If it is filled with jointing agent or filling agent, because they are mostly white cement, which can use the crack-cleaning cone or electric crack-cleaning cone to clean. The electric crack-cleaning cone is relatively a bit more effort, whether knife or crack-cleaning cone, especially when cleaning should pay attention to the construction technique, once causing the edge of ceramic tile uneven or collapsed, there will be much influence on later tile grout effect.

After the material filling seam is cleaned, you can use brush or vacuum to clean the dirt between joints. Then, wiping the dust on the surface of ceramic with sponge. To prevent when making glue, the dust enters crevice to affect tile grout effect. In this way, the cleaning of the joint is basically completed, and then the finishing agent, when it is completely cured, removing the residual material. All above is the tile grout for twice and the specific matters of the old house tile grout, does it look very easy? Some things are easier said than be done, just for the one thing that clearing the seam is greatly testing the builder's patience and careful. It is suggested that professional things should be done by professional people.