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What you don't know about old houses!

With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection and health, the tile grout will be done in the renovation of the new house, not only for the beautiful, but also can prevent a series of problems that ceramic joints have.

For the old house to do the tile grout, people have about a common understanding: No matter the old house or the old ground, it doesn’t matter whether do the tile grout or not . But when you get to know more, you may think differently.

Next Kelin China waterborne mate tile grout supplier will say the tile grout problem that concerns old building with you!



Houses in old neighborhood, after living for a long time will appear lots of problems such as water pipes in disrepair or the exterior of the house damaged and so on. In fact, the appearance of a bit old does not matter, the key is indoor environmental sanitation.

1. What we can't stand!

Every day, after work going home to open the door, the first thing you can see is the black tile joint on the ground. Especially in the corner of toilet, kitchen and other damp place, it is very dirty, black, and not easy to clean. If the ceramic tile decorated is light color, it is not resistant to dirt and cannot wash to clean, even grow black spot. With time going by, wiping them cannot change the phenomenon, sucking either, it only can lie there quietly in that way, let besmear and bacterium accumulate day by day.



02. Tiles are so dirty and dark, can my old house make tile grout?

Yes, of course.

Either you finished ceramic tile in your home, or are preparing to lay ceramic tile, or it is already finished for a few years, all of above can do the tile grout, and the effect is same, which can make the ground is bright and beautiful.



03.What does the old room look like when it is finished?

The tile grout product is a kind of new-style home outfit material, and it is a kind of special product that used to fill the ceramic tile joints.

Clearing the ash, dust, and scalene in the ceramic tile joints still can avoid ceramic tile joint ooze water, moldy and breed bacterium, which solving a series of problems of ceramic tile joints, making ceramic tile take on an entirely new look at the same time more safeguard the health of residents.



Warm tips from Xiaoke

The biggest difference between old room and new room is the clearance of joints. 

1, As for the old room’s beauty sewing, you need to clean the white cement inside the gap first, setting aside the joint with certain specification, and then use brush and vacuum cleaner to clean the dust;



2. Wipe the gaps and surrounding areas with a clean towel (most of the white cement falls off, so it is troublesome to clean up and needs patience).

Remember! It is crucial to keep the gap clean and dry, and then construct according to the sequence of construction !

Above is the related problems of old room tile grout, I hope that it can help you who in need of the tile grout. Xiaoke also want to say that you need to hot the material when constructing in the winter.