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What tools do beginners need to grouting

Now tile grouting has become a key part of home decoration, some people want to try their own construction, but they are not familiar with the use of various tools and steps, the following, Kelin grout sealant manufacturer will take you to understand it.

Brush: used to clean up the dust in the gap of ceramic tile, to ensure the gap clean




Art knife or wallpaper knife: belongs to the clearing tool, before the construction, the dirty things in the ceramic tile gap should be cleaned up, but some stubborn garbage can not be cleaned with a brush, then you need to use the art knife or wallpaper knife; Of course, in the use of paper construction, also want to use a wallpaper knife to cross the excess paper, tear off the paper. Let all the cracks come out

Cleaning tools: before the construction of the tile grout, it is necessary to clean up the dirty things in the cracks of the ceramic tiles. Some cement and old sealant are difficult to clean up. It is recommended to use the cleaning tools



Glue gun: the glue gun is divided into electric and manual glue gun. The glue gun is used to evenly extrude the two-component tile grout from the pipe, so as to carry out the next step of construction

Scraper: before the solidification of the epoxy tile grout, use the scraper to find the leveling

Pressurer: after the two-component pipe is filled with tile grout, before solidification, it is necessary to use a pressurer to compact the glue, the surface is smooth and even with the ceramic tile as far as possible



Sponge: cooperate with scraper, clean the tile grout on the floor like a clean cloth, clean the floor

Shovel knife: after the construction is completed and the glue table is dry, it is necessary to use the shovel knife to clean up the glue around the tile

Slotting device: for special circumstances need to be slotted ceramic tile

The above tools are some of the basic tools often used in the construction of tile grout. Do you understand?