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What tile grout is suitable for Mosaic

When decorating, a lot of people may use mosaic ceramic tile, mosaic ceramic tile has extremely strong plasticity and rich color, giving people a kind of amazing feeling! However, although the mosaic tile has so many advantages, because of the small area, having more tile joints, if these joints cannot be handled well, it will be black and dirty, thus affecting the overall beauty of the tile. Mosaic joint is not easy to clean, the best way is to use tile grout, but what kind of tile grout is suitable for mosaic tile?



Mosaic tile has more joints, if using two-component tile grout, it is not only hard to do, and the waste and efficiency is very low. In foreign countries, waterborne epoxy tile grout is generally used for grouting. Kelin tile grout manufacturer produces waterborne epoxy tile grout with variety of colors, 28 colors can be matched with a variety of styles of mosaic tiles, truly one brick with one color.



The construction method of waterborne epoxy tile grout is also suitable for mosaic tiles. Kelin Epoxy Tile Grout is composed of A and B components. During construction, only A and B components need to be evenly stirred according to the ratio of 1:1, and then scraped into the gap with A rubber scraper. Finally, the grout is wiped twice with A towel dipped in water and polished. Is it convenient and simple!