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What price tile grout is good?

Nowadays, the quality of the tile grout on the market is uneven with many kinds, and the price is also high and low. Today we will talk about the difference between $2 and $6 tile grout, and how to choose the most cost-effective tile grout among many brands!

1. The price difference of tile grout

As the saying goes, good goods are never cheap, but sometimes the price does not represent everything, the price and quality on the market, the good and bad are intermingled. So how much can we set the price of tile grout to let consumers rest assured? From $2 to $10, why is the huge difference? Today Kelin grout manufacturer will take you to learn about it.



2. Standard of high quality tile grout

A. Smell: The high quality tile grout has no pungent smell, environmental protection and non-toxic, and will not do harm to human health.

B. Solidification effect: Curing agent and adhesive are the main components of tile grout. If the materials used by them are poor, the effect of tile grout will be seriously affected. In general, the glue of inferior tile grout is easy to collapse, and the glue will shrink after curing, and it feels soft and uneven, while the high-quality tile grout is on the contrary, with full and hard effect and smooth surface.

C. Colour: In order to save costs, inferior tile grout uses chemical pigment toner. The color produced by this toner is very bright, which appears very uneven from different angles, does not fix the color, and is easy to fade in the later stage. But the high quality of the tile grout color powder is fine and natural, good gloss, no fading.

D. Adhesive strength: The most important is sticky relays, in the gap that does not have dust in dry, high quality tile grout can stick ceramic tile firmly, sealing performance is very good, the tool that uses sharp namely after solidifying also cannot scrape. However, if it is inferior tile grout, its adhesion is poor and its service life is not long.



3. Price-cost margin

A. Raw material: The most important raw materials in the tile gorut are epoxy resins, high quality epoxy resins and ordinary resins with prices ranging from yuan to yuan. High quality materials show the better effect of environmental protection.

B. Solid content: In order to reduce the cost, the low quality tile grout, the solid content is relatively low, the effective ingredients are diluted with solvent, such products, the shrinkage ratio is large, the bonding force is investigated, easy to collapse and fall off.

C. Environmental protection performance: 1.3BAC is an important component of curing agent, which has a greater influence on the stability of the product. Alternative materials with the same performance are nonylphenol and formaldehyde. Low-quality products can reduce the 1.3BAC content, and even black merchants will replace the 1.3BAC with nonylphenol and formaldehyde, which are banned by the World Environmental Organization. In this way, the production process and cost of the product are greatly reduced, and the performance and readiness are also greatly improved. Therefore, many unscrupulous businesses and small manufacturers use nonylphenol and formaldehyde regardless of the balance between the consumer's body and the environment.

D. Weight: You can see products in different weight units on various websites. Milliliters, grams. The density of the tile grout is different. The density of the epoxy resin is not that big, about 1.2. In order to save material, the small factory will write the net content as 400g, but the actual product is only about 300ml, with very little content. Some are even less than 300 milliliters, because they are mixed into the tile grout with filler, which is very dense, so it weighs even more. The use effect of the product and life can be imagined, be certain to be discounted greatly.



When buying tile grout, we should not only look at its price, but also look at the ingredients. Through the above content can distinguish the good or bad of tile grout, have you learned?