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What is preparation work before construction of tile grout?

The construction of two-component tile grout is relatively easy, but the preparation work must be made well. Hereby, Kelin China grouting mosaic tile supplier will introduce what needs to be done before construction.

1.Professional tools are available:

a.Vacuum cleaner, brush, broom or hair dryer, used to remove dust from cracks.

b.Professional cleaning gap tools, wallpaper knives, sharp knives, etc.

c.Electric or manual two-component glue gun

d.Press tools, flat plate, negative Angle and positive Angle press tools.

e.Ceramic tile wax, scraper blade, masking tape, etc.



2.Check whether the ceramic tile is fixed well, whether there is a cavity inside, whether there are scratches, cracks and stubble.

3.The construction gap shall be cleaned and the surface shall be kept dry. This is the most basic and relatively important part. Make sure the gap are clean and non-substances such as oil, grease, dust, etc. If there is dust or cement particles stuck in the joint, using vacuum cleaner, blower or cleaning tools to remove the old filler, and keep the surface dry.



4.If working outdoors under the sun, it is avoid to use tile grout on overheated surfaces and joints. Let the surface cool first, and do not work in direct sunlight. Overheated surfaces may affect the final properties of tile grout.

5.If the tile or stone surface is rough or uneven, it is recommended that the tiles are waxed before grouting, which can ensure to removed excess part easily (It is also a good idea to stick masking tapes on the edges of the desired tiles).