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What is difference between tile grout and seam filling agent ?

With the rising of tile grout, it is predicted that the age of replacing the traditional seam filling agent is coming, but still many people do not know how to distinguish, don't worry, let Kelin China flexible tile grout additive supplier tell you!

Seam filling agent also calls pointing agent, groove seam agent, white cement as the main material, adding a little inorganic pigments, polymers and micro fungicides dry powder materials. It doesn’t have waterproof performance, do not resist dirt, easy yellowing, turn black, fade, low hardness, hard cleaning.



Single component sealant, also calls edge sealant, is made of waterborne epoxy resin & pigment and has a shape similar to glass sealant. Due to its own characteristics of raw materials, hardness and color on the hard to avoid some insufficient, Low hardness, easy to fade, short life, general environmental performance.



Two Component Tile Grout, also calls flexible tile grout additive, is upgraded from a single component, include oil based and water based tile grout. It solves the defects of single-component sealant. varieties color, Strong decorative effect, mildew-proof, high hardness, good wear resistance, not collapse, environmental protection, non-toxic, fast curing, easy construction and many good performance. After curing, it is as bright as tiles and has a long service life.



Do you know the difference between them now? The two -component tile grout is more and more welcomed and has brought convenience to many families in recent years, and its decoration and practicability have exceeded traditional seam filling agent and single-component tile grout. In the future, two -component tile grout will be get more and more attention and recognition.