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What is best choice for home decoration?

The detail of home decoration is the most important, should consider from many sides. For example, what most part for kitchen and toilet is waterproof, mildew proof, moisture proof and cleaning aspect, but sitting room and porch should notice wear-resisting, hardness. These details can not only improve the effect of use in the future but also can solve a lot of unnecessary trouble.



The bathroom and kitchen is basically chosen to pave ceramic tiles, but ceramic tile joints are easy to enter ash after a long time, not only looks bad, but also breed bacterium. So what should be used to fill the gaps in the tiles? What should be used to fill the gaps in the tiles?



Traditional caulking agent, generally is cement based, optional color is less, just black, white, gray. Its advantage is that construction is simple, the price is cheap as well.Even sometimes if you buy ceramic tiles, grouting can be free . After done ,there will be small holes naked eye invisible on the surface, relatively speaking, it is easy to dirty after a long time, even will be moldy of in toilet ,also waterproof effect is just so so, will be falling off and breaking, cleaning up is not convenient.



The appearance of tile grout completely solves its drawbacks. It can not only be waterproof, mildew-proof and moisture-proof, but also has good anti-fouling property and is convenient for cleaning. It can also effectively block bacteria. The color is rich and does not fade, more firm and durable, hard as ceramic tile after curing, do not have to worry about falling off. It is the best choice for decoration.

The tile grout produced by Kelin construction building glue factory is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The addition of negative oxygen ion can effectively purify the air. The raw materials of the products are all imported raw materials with guaranteed quality.